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Client Testimonials

At Premium, we take pride in our excellent track record and reputation while displaying uncompromising dedication and ethical standards. Premium Migration ServicesTM is highly recommended by our clients and majority of our business comes from word of mouth and personal referrals.

Following are a few the testimonials from people who used our Premium services to make their Australian dream come true.

  • Skilled Migration (December 2014)- switched on, very straight forward and one of the best in the field

    I found Nupur to be a very knowledgeable and switched on Agent. She is very straight forward and explains the exact situation and possibilities related to Visa application. She will not hide anything and warns about any risks beforehand. This has helped me in taking informed decisions for my Visa application.

    My visa process was very very smooth and I got my visa without any hurdles and quite soon.  I will recommend her to anyone looking to apply for Aussie Visa. She is one of the best in the field. She is a gem of a person too and very pleasant to deal with. Keep up the great work Nupur.


    Anumita Nanda

  • State Sponsored Skilled Migration (October 2014) - genuine care and concern, the empathetic sincerity and the emotional support

    Dear Nupur


    I would like to thank you for all the support and assistance during the process of my Permanent Residency Visa.

    Your knowledge and understanding of the Migration rules and regulations are exceptional and I was very happy to work with you during the difficult time in my personal life. That genuine care and concern, the empathetic sincerity and the emotional support were indeed unexpected, very welcome, and often very helpful to me personally. My dealings with you were completely professional.


    Even though I haven't met you personally so far, I felt like I had a friend doing the application for me, a friend among friends, sharing the highs and the lows.


    I would recommend you to other people who are looking for professional advice and help with migration issues & Visa services


    Best Regards

    Anupama Rella

    Anupama Rella

  • State Sponsored Skilled Migration (June, 2013) - Professional, Diligent and Proactive Service

    Premium Migration team is very professional and proactive in their approach. They do their homework very diligently and I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in Australian migration services.

    I wish Nupur and her team all the best.
    Ajay Gothwal New Delhi

  • Parent Migration (March, 2010) - Personalised, Efficient and Friendly Service

     I was overall pleased with the service that I received from Premium Migration Services. The team from the start made us feel very ease & tried to offer as much advice as possible & also answer all our queries.

    I would certainly recommend Premium Migration Services to anyone who is applying for an Australian visa.
    Malinee Bheenick Melbourne

  • Job Search Assistance (March, 2009) - Insightful and Knowledgeable (Highly Recommended)

    I was at a stagnant point in my career. I knew I had the expertise, knowledge and experience to move to a higher position to develop in my career. I wrote a resume but it was not at all influential. Then I was introduced to Premium Migration Services, who identified and outlined valuable information for potential employers in my resume and the finished product was a work of art.

    I was looking for a job in accounting and due to their career coaching, I was able to research and understand the working of both the accounting industry and individual firms. They also gave me guidance and direction to deal with problematic interview questions, which reflected more clarity about my skills and experience and the next step that I wanted to take.Needless to mention, they are very professional and quite insightful in their ability to interact with me and the coaching was definitely very helpful for me as I got the job that I desired with in 3 weeks after I signed up with Premium Migration Services.

    I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of career guidance, resume writing and interview preparations.


    Kanika Khurana Melbourne

  • Partner Visa (March 2008) - Systematic, hard working, sincere and personal understanding

    From the start Nupur Sharma guided me through the immigration requirement and relevant form and procedure to achieve a fast and complete submission of my wife's application for Spouse visa. Nupur thought about all aspects of paperwork as to ensure that all relevant paperwork has been submitted and so immigration department does not request or have the scope to request any omitted documents hence the process is faster.

    The result has been an excellent one. We submitted the application with complete documents on the 1st of August and heard from the visa officer on the 17th of October 2007.

    It is our pleasure to say it was possible through the systematic, professional and personal understanding of Nupur. We are highly grateful for her guidance, hard work, sincerity and professionalism. I will recommend her to any of my friend, family member and can assure them they can rely on her judgment and ability to deal with the process for the best outcome.


    Abu Sayed Huq Melbourne