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Frequently Asked Questionss

Why should I engage the services of a registered migration agent?

In Australia, it is illegal to practice as a migration agent without being registered with Migration Agent's Registration Authority (MARA).It is highly recommended to use the services of a migration agent as migration agents are required to have immigration law qualifications, comply with MARA code of conduct and continuously go through professional development in order to maintain their registration with MARA.

Australian immigration laws and regulations are one of the most complicated in the world and hundreds of applications are rejected every year. Registered professionals can provide reliable immigration assistance to minimise problems and delays arising from a lack of required legal knowledge.

Why should I choose Premium Migration ServicesTM?

At Premium, we take pride in our excellent track record and reputation while displaying uncompromising dedication and ethical standards. Premium Migration ServicesTM is registered with Migration Agents Registration Authority and provide Australian Immigration services to clients located in all parts of the world.

To find out what makes us different from others, please click here

How can I check my eligibility for Australian Immigration?

Premium Migration ServicesTM offer free Online Assessment on your eligibility to migrate to Australia. To receive your free online assessment, please click on the link below

How do I start my application process with Premium Migration ServicesTM?

You can start by applying for free online assessment.

Or, simply contact our office by e-mail, phone or by submitting an enquiry.

How much would it cost me to engage your services?

At Premium, our services are competitively priced. We quote a reasonable fixed price before the work begins and offer no surprises later down the track with hidden fees and charges.We fix our fees and charges based on the nature of the work, the complexity of the case and the required documentation and any other issues relevant to that particular case.

How can I make a payment? Can I pay in instalments?

At Premium we offer variety of payment options including option of paying your fees in easy instalments. At the time of signing for our services, you can discuss all relevant options and make arrangements as per your individual needs.

Can Premium Migration ServicesTM guarantee a successful outcome for my application?

As per MARA code of conduct, section 2.7, 'a registered migration agent who is asked by a client to give his or her opinion about the probability of a successful outcome for the client's application must not hold out unsubstantiated or unjustified prospects of success when advising clients on applications under the Migration Act or Migration Regulations'.

At Premium we are committed and focused to present your case in the best possible way by offering personalised services and capping the number of application at any given time. We will not take on your case unless it has a real chance of success.

Do you offer 'No Win, No Fee Guarantee?

We are so confident of our abilities that we offer 'No Win - No Fee' guarantee to our clients. If the decision of you application is not in your favour, we will refund 100% of the consulting fee. Please advise Premium Migration ServicesTM if you would like to have 'No Win - No Fee' guarantee clause included in your client contract.

Will you keep my personal details confidential and protect my privacy?

Premium Migration ServicesTM is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. We are bound by the Australian Privacy Act laws and strive to provide a private and confidential experience for our clients. For more information on our Privacy Policy, simply click here

Where can I find general information about Australia, immigration, education, job opportunities, tourism, hotel bookings etc.?

You can access useful tools and information by visiting the Resource Centre section of our website.

At Premium we also offer value added settlement services like accommodation and airfare bookings, foreign exchange, job hunting, local know how etc. For more information on these services please visit the Settlement Services section of our website or simply contact us for more information.