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Settlement Services

Life in a new country with a different language, culture and social system can be difficult. Premium Migration ServicesTM provides information, advocacy support and assistance for migrants to assist them in making Australia a welcoming and successful home. The following are some of the services that Premium Migration ServicesTM is able to provide to our clients:


Initial Settlement Services

  • Receiving at the Airport
  • Initial information and orientation on arrival
  • Accommodation support
  • Information on housing and household formation
  • Information on access to health services, Medicare, child and age care
  • Information on financial services, public transport and other local activities
  • Information on the settlement process in Australia
  • Information on translating and interpreting services


Further Settlement Services

  • Referrals to lending Services for home, car or personal loans
  • Information on recognition of overseas qualifications
  • Information and assistance with school, vocational and university education
  • Referral to government and other support agencies
  • Information on local multicultural and ethnic community organisations
  • Information on Community development assistance for migrant associations and groups


Employment Services

  • Career information
  • Job search skills training
  • Resume preparation
  • Job applications
  • Strategies to help you plan a successful career in Australia
  • Interview preparation and techniques for a successful outcome
  • Information on effective communication techniques
  • Accessing local employment services
  • Accessing training and English language courses
  • Overseas Qualifications Assessment Information
  • Job search assistance
  • Resume & interview preparation
  • Referrals to recruitment & lending agencies
  • Other settlement information

We offer packaged settlement services to our clients at nominal charges. Some of our services like airport pick up are limited to Melbourne metropolitan area. To arrange for settlement services or for more information, please contact our office.