Lots of Jobs are available for Indian & Other Overseas Students in Australia

With Work Visa Extension, Indian students will have no problem finding jobs in Australia, Says high commissioner

High Commissioner of Australia in India Barry O’Farrell on Friday said that international students including Indians who provide an important talent pool for temporary jobs in the country, will have no problem work as they study at Australian universities.

When our border were closed because of Covid pandemic there were many vacancies with not enough of our citizens to do jobs at airport security lines, corner stores and several other areas. In many cases Indian students who were in finding part time work as they study at Australian universities, ” high commissioner of Australia in India Barry O’Farrell told the Times of India in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

He added that post study work visa extension that was announced by Australia for international students late last year is also very attractive. ” Indian students in Australia, specially those in the STEM fields, can go beyond their degrees and work in the area that they have studied, after their courses are finished to gain valuable work experience for a few years,” the high commissioner said. He added that governments of all countries were trying to offer better post-study work visas for competitive advantage.

Australia goes back to a cap of allowing international students up to 48 hours of work every tow weeks while they study from july 2023. The Australian government has, on the other hand, announced that international students who graduate in Australia with certain degrees in areas of skills shortages will be eligible for extended post-study work (PSW) rights. The extended PSW rights will be for four years for students with bachelors degrees; while those with masters degrees will get five years from July 2023

The high commissioner also said that the Australian government’s recently announced Maitri Fellowships Program to support the brightest Indian students studying at top universities in Australia is likely to emerge as the Australian version of the prestigious Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships of the UK and USA.

News Source: times of India

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